You Didn’t Wake Up Like That

So often as women we scurry to slay and lose hair trying to show other women we have it all “together.” But we don’t. We want men to think we can do it all, that we are strong, and not weak, that we don’t need them..but we do. And no, that is not an autocorrect.Continue reading “You Didn’t Wake Up Like That”

Honey, You Are Too.

I used to beat myself up all the time. I used abusive thoughts to push my life toward an end that I felt was, inevitable. I truly felt like I couldn’t get ANYTHING right. That my entire existence was in vain. But one day God shined a light so bright that I could no longer allowContinue reading “Honey, You Are Too.”

“You Are NOT ENOUGH!” said everyone all-over.

“You’re TOO BLACK!” Or, “Why are you so tall? Or, “You’re so skinny girl.” Comments that would make me question my identity, beauty, and worth. But.. only briefly. Some people are told they are “too” at a young age, shaping the way they see themselves before they really start out.   Is what I sometimes wantedContinue reading ““You Are NOT ENOUGH!” said everyone all-over.”