Monthly Challenge

February is right around the corner, and I’m so thrilled to be focusing on one of my favorite topics of discussion. Self love.

This challenge is going to be centered around growing in mind and body, and getting that much closer to the best version of yourself yet! The one that you made up your mind would come to life, THIS YEAR!

If you’re a mother, you probably already have your hands full, and you’re probably also wondering how exactly are you going to follow a challenge while doing life at the same time. That’s where I would come in, bringing you consistent tools, and holding you accounts that you reach your new year goals! There will be:

  • flexible meal plan
  • grocery lists
  • in app workouts for at home, that will allow me and you to track progress
  • weekly check ins
  • group motivation
  • weekly coaching by me!

You will absolutely LOVE yourself so much more once these 21 days are wrapped up! You will not only look better, but feel so much better when this wraps up. Having learned how to maintain it on your own.

This is value of (250$) for an amazing limited time offer of 15$!

You have nothing to lose mama.

When Mom Is Good, So Is Everyone Around Her.

Let’s build something together Queen.

Feeling Myself Challenge

21 Day Challenge


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