“You Are NOT ENOUGH!” said everyone all-over.

“You’re TOO BLACK!” Or, “Why are you so tall? Or, “You’re so skinny girl.” Comments that would make me question my identity, beauty, and worth. But.. only briefly. Some people are told they are “too” at a young age, shaping the way they see themselves before they really start out.   Is what I sometimes wantedContinue reading ““You Are NOT ENOUGH!” said everyone all-over.”

“We Just Wearing Designer Fig Leaves..”

WE WERE LISTENING TO THEIR SONG, THEN TEARS CAME “You don’t need bells or whistles, or flashing lights. Just your testimony.” Words heard clear as day from God a minute ago. When you’re putting the girls to bed, in their own room, and tears flow because you flashback to a time when you were allContinue reading ““We Just Wearing Designer Fig Leaves..””