Gilded Motives Much?

If you didn’t receive another thank you, or an ounce of recognition for the things you do now, would you continue to do them?

How you go about doing what you do, matters more than what you’re doing.

Be mindful of your motives and have some integrity. You will have more peace when you’re doing it for the right reasons, rather acknowledged or not.

We live in a time where the appearance of something matters more than what it actually is underneath. A modern gilded age really. We take a million pictures for the perfect one, we yell at the kids to stop touching the balloons for the party you’ve put together because it has to be perfect, even though you bought the balloons for them, and hope that we can “capture” a moment worth talking about instead of actually being in them.

How we are doing it matters more than what we are actually doing. Just like man looks at the outer appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. What good is a beautiful shell with dead bones on the inside? We must examine ourselves, and our motives today, and really begin to do things, no matter great or small, with the right heart attitude. Doing so will allow more peace to come to you, as you are no longer angered over touched balloons or lack of an appreciation post, or recognition. You did it because it was in you to do, because you want to make their day, or just see them smile. Or whatever the reason.

The little things we do matter. The time and effort you put into something does not go unnoticed, (God sees) but if it wasn’t by man, would you keep cleaning the house, or taking lunch to the widow down the road?

Ask yourself, what do I find myself getting upset about when I’m not recognized for it? Begin resetting yourselves today and make a decision to do whatever you do today with the right heart attitude, no matter the praise, or lack thereof. ♥️


Abundance & Light,


She’ll Turn Out Just Fine, Mom

My mother used to be LITERALLY one of the worst people I knew. (or so I thought as a teenager)

When she benefited me, she was great! Like when she said yes if I wanted to hang out with friends. Or if I asked my dad something and he said no..then eventually deciding he would give my mother that power. Being her only daughter, (I have 4 older brothers) she seemed to have a tender spot that would say yes, and let me go.

Growing up, my parents thought that I was responsible, and mature for my age, and I’d like to believe to a certain degree, I was. I was the youngest, and I was a bit spoiled, and those easier times would eventually catch up to me in the worst ways. I would learn to be humble, and to receive what I was offered with grace and gratefulness, and conquer giants I didn’t dare think was possible..


This is not about me.

Back to my “horrible” mother.

Aside from her saying yes, and letting me explore, there would be times as I got older, when she leveled with me as a fellow intellectual, and would let me have it.

She would tell me when I was making horrible choices with guys, and when I was showing too much skin, and how “she wouldn’t be caught dead in that.” She was unaware how “I wouldn’t tell nobody” sounded to me as a young adult. That simple phrase, as if I didn’t have good enough thoughts or ideas….or fashion sense, made me feel inadequate.

She just didn’t get it.

Of course she wouldn’t.

She was older than me. And she came across unhappy so often. Like everything I did bothered her as I got older..

That was the exact opposite of me.

What did she know anyways right?


Fast forward to me having children. Not just one, but then two.

Fast forward to my little girls looking up at me with their gorgeous set of eyes, and my tender spot so ready to say yes to all their ambitions.

Fast forward to me thinking about when they become teens, and how I couldn’t possibly forgive myself if I allowed them to leave our home with their butts hanging out, knowing that they are still somewhat naïve. It wouldn’t matter how “evolved” the times are, someone could take advantage of their innocence.

Fast forward to me tearing up as I think about the day my daughters may not understand where I’m coming from and think I’m the worst person on earth. Times when they can’t look at me, and don’t want to be near me. Times when they are ready to get off the phone because they are “too busy.” Times when they get involved with love and the ups and downs of it.

Those times….are times I can only really try to imagine right now…ones I hope to change the course of, and soften the dialect for.

But my mother, my beautiful, strong, caring, sentimental mother, is not just mom to me anymore,

She is a woman.

I have now been through neglect. Complexities. Hurt. Betrayal. I have experienced emotional, physical, and spiritual pain because of wrong choices. I can now look back and feel thankful for my life. My breath. Because, I know that I shouldn’t have it. It should not be.

And I’m almost certain, now that I’ve had talks with her as a mother, all she was trying to do back then was give me enough room to explore, but enough chastisement to let me know I wasn’t always going to be right. That there were consequences.

Ones she had come to know.

Try to shield me from them, without crippling me.

The truth is, there is no booklet. No perfectly put together list that teaches a mother how to be the best.

We develop that conclusion when we realize how much they were willing to sacrifice, go through, go without, slide under, crawl through, and consume in order for us to simply do and be better than they.

And any woman who would walk in a blizzard, in the middle of winter, to get her very able bodied daughter subway to make her happy, a ways down the road, because they were out of food, deserves the world.

This is a post dedicated to my mother. Sharon. I don’t know what I would do if someone else had been assigned me. I’m eternally grateful God decided you were a good fit.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there who have raised, are still raising, or are looking forward to raising children. It is not going to be easy, but if you hang in there, especially through the tough times, you will come to see, they will one day desire to give you everything you’ve ever wanted and more, just to see you happy.

It will all be worth it. ♥️


Risky Business

I am a very flawed human being. I realize how much saving I truly need, each and every time I think I’m on the road to staying consistently “good.”

We get saved. But salvation is on going. This has been a rough past few weeks. I have struggled to find motivation for what to write, and how to write it. To stay on track for what needs to be done for my book. Trying to keep a good attitude when the circumstance clearly limited out that I would be justified in my anger, and trying to remind myself that most of what was happening, was meant to help and not harm me.

It comes like that, blessings, growth, the promotion or new opportunity. In discomfort, pain, and chaos.. Crazy right? Like WHO does that?!


But His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts, exactly. NOTHING like ours.

And I’m grateful for that.

His plan is always much better, but it will require us being obedient and following instructions. We can’t justify our bad behavior because things are not going as we hoped. We have to fight a good fight. Doing what for not come natural. And it can be risky.

Some may take your decision to stay calm, as being passive or a door mat. Some may take your choice to keep going as stupidity. But, sometimes God doesn’t just give the faith to go, sometimes we need the grace to stay.

I can attest to both.

Trust in Him, and dont lean to what you think should happen in any given situation in your life. The plan is for you to prosper and be in good health, even as your souls prospers. Plans for you flourish and expand. But, it will take some discomfort. Some not knowing, and what may feel like an unfair pull of what you have left within. I encourage you to take one more step. Speak a little more life. Smile that gorgeous smile, and lift that valuable head once more.

Sometimes, it feels like it is all leading nowhere, and your good intentions and deed are in vain, it’s risky. WHAT IF it all means nothing? …OR it COULD mean everything! No more what ifs. Walk by faith, and not by sight. You are the light walking THROUGH the tunnel. It WILL be okay.

It is NOT the end. You have more to give, more people to inspire, more life to experience, and it will be more than you can imagine or think. However, you will have to stay the course. ♥️


Abundance & Light,


Say It Is So!

Repeat after me, (if you DARE..)

You don’t have to though, I just HIGHLY recommend.


I am beautiful, (handsome)!”

I am intelligent!”

Today is going to be a day filled with joy and peace!”

Blessings are chasing me down!”


I CAN and I WILL!”

New opportunities are mine!”

Doors are opening!”

I am LOVED!”


I can handle anything that comes my way today.”

I am not defined by my yesterday’s! My future is brighter.”

I have a purpose greater than me, and will be equipped with everything I need to accomplish it before I leave this earth.”




Doesn’t that feel GOOOOOD?!

Don’t lie?

Well, if you’re like me, a good start to a great morning begins with what I affirm to myself, and speak out into the atmosphere for my day. Do this EVERY DAY. Your words have power friend, and when you speak, you are inevitably shaping your reality.

Need some inspiration from the young? Check out my daughter Mel as she learns to affirm herself at 3!

Hope you all enjoy this lovely Wednesday! God bless! ♥️