We Are Not In Kansas Anymore, We Are Homeless.

This has been one of the BEST years of my life. And no, best is not an exaggeration.

Have you ever woken up, before your 2 year-old asks for nuggets, and your 1 year-old begs for attention, and thought, “I need to google homeless shelters before this week ends..”???

Well I have.

And it’s hard. It pokes at your heart like a rusty engine tool, or someone squeezing it with no remorse, while you try to think thoughts of positivity. You feel like your whole world is being taken away on a specific date, and you can do nothing about it. But get ready, and wait. I was being evicted. And all I could think about was, of course, my daughters. They are young. Full of hope and adventure, and I suppose, my only moment of anxiety came when I realistically considered sleeping at the park with them. I figured, I would be the lookout, and they would have their favorite soft, plush pink blanket, and their mother right next to them. They would be okay. They would chalk it up as an adventure. A getaway.

I never thought I would be in this position. I was just working hard, dropping them off at their sitter…their sitter. I lost my babysitter. And because I was in a new town, with no one to look to, I had to watch them myself. But, that also meant, I would lose everything, while gaining time with my girls.

I was homeless this year you guys.
Not like live at a friend’s for a bit, or sleep on your parents couch and pay the electric bill. Real life home-less.

The girls and I had nowhere to go. My parents offered their help, but I wanted to stay where I knew God wanted me to be. I didn’t want to move back home. I knew my opportunity was here, and that going back home meant another burden, and another L.
The day I left my apartment with the girls, I had no car, (it was taken a couple weeks prior) so with Amiya on my hip, Melody next to me, a duffel bag, two large satchel purses, and their diaper bag, I slowly started walking down the road, very slowly, toward the park. Within my first steps I wanted to break down and cry from the weight of it all on me. Then I thought of Jesus, walking down the road with His cross, and I knew I could do it. He carried this weight before I did, and His strength began to fuel my insides. “Mel!! Don’t let go of my hand!” She couldn’t seem to walk in a straight line away from the road without me. But projecting my frustration would make her feel exactly what I was fighting against. That something was wrong. Finally, first stop. We made it. I unloaded our things on the bench and exhaled. It was hot, and we needed SOMEWHERE to go that night…or we would be..at the park.

But, I was prepared, and I had hope.

I prayed. I thanked God in advance for keeping us and making a way. I did NOT know what we were going to do, because all the places I had called were full. Then God directed me to a number. I called. There was an opening. The security guard at my apartment complex gave the girls and I 10 dollars when she saw me walking, and juice for the girls. First sign of provision. It was my gas money to get to the shelter. The rest is history.

Going to the shelter allowed me to ENTIRELY depend on God for EVERYTHING. And though I was sometimes surrounded by people who felt things were hopeless, I had hope. I had a key. A life hack. I had the Bright and Morning Star on my side!!! Each day had endless opportunities. Each day posed a question of who could I help? Who could I serve? Where would this little light of mine shine for the day? My perspective was not dependent on my situation.

I knew it wasn’t our last stop. God has shown me a number of visions, so I knew I was created for more. So why be down? Why be scared? Nervous? Afraid? The Creator had my back and was already preparing a place for me that would knock my socks off. But I had to pass the test. I had to endure. With the right attitude.

This generation prides itself on SELF RELIANCE! But, this experience, greater than any has taught me to not rely on my own capabilities, but to keep my faith in God. That what I hold inside exceeds anything I could ever own or buy. It further confirmed that my greatest joy is when I’m helping someone else shine. When I know I was a light.

A lady who worked at the shelter came and followed up at our new place a couple months ago and told me that I was a light. That I encouraged people, that I was a walking bible that some would never read. She was watching me. DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT THAT MEANT TO ME?!

ME, little old me. I had picked others up when I was down myself. When I had absolutely nothing, I still had everything. More than those around me. And now, I know, so much deeper, and will never forget where my value lies. I am not ashamed of my testimony because if only one person pushes on because of it, IT WAS WORTH IT.

I put fear aside and put myself and work out there, for the first time, during that time at the shelter, and I’ve gained key connections, and still gaining. The girls and I have a crib with a ceiling so high I could climb a latter in the living room and stand on top and not touch it. We have a lake view. And the list goes. I’m not quitting until I see His vision come to fruition in my life! I worked hard and in a month’s time gained everything back and so much more! But with a new perspective. Rather high, or low, I have learned to be grateful, humble, and content, in every circumstance. And still growing.

This Thanksgiving, definitely took on a meaning far beyond words.
The picture below was taken at the shelter. 6 months ago. My princess Mel. I still sang to them in our time space. I still played peek-a-boo, and tickled them to no sound came from their mouths. We went for walk, caught the bus, and frequented the shelter playground. The girls helped me to never miss a beat with living every day. It wasn’t going to wait for me to be happy. I had to choose life.

“I know how to get along and live humbly [in difficult times], and I also know how to enjoy abundance and live in prosperity. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret [of facing life], whether well-fed or going hungry, whether having an abundance or being in need. I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me [to fulfill His purpose–I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.]”

Keep going, a step at a time, keep your head up, live, and know that what you believe is what you will achieve. You are strong enough. Even if it doesn’t look like it right now. Receive the process, and look forward, because the best is always yet to come.

Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Taking a Leap of Faith (Yay!)


Little Ms Health & Fitness

So it has been a while since I’ve spoken to you all. And I apologize for that. So much has been going on in my personal life, and in the process of allowing things to be sorted out the way they should, you have to be still long enough, so God can reposition you.

This year, I plan to do things I’ve never done, and go places I’ve never been. By finally becoming a published author, I’ve accomplished something that has been on my to-do list for since I was a kid. I know it broke down a lot of barriers in my life and mind when I did it, because I am embarking on things left and right, with no worry or fear. Well, I wouldn’t say zerobfear, but I quickly knock those thoughts away, to the best of my ability.

It’s difficult sometimes, to open yourself up to the possibility of a “no.” We don’t want to hear that we weren’t good enough, or fast enough, or strong enough for the job. But what if the outcome was a yes? What if you decided to be vulnerable enough to hush all doubt and fear, and walk forward in faith?

That’s what I did recently. An opportunity I’ve never heard of just found me. I was asked join the Ms Health & Fitness 2018 competition. You don’t have to be the most fit or hest looking or anything of that nature, but you do have to love living healthy.

They accepted me in, and it starts today. The grand prize is 20k and a 2-page spread in Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine. Pretty cool right? I think so. Honestly, win or lose, I think deciding to put myself out there without fear of failure is what this is about for me. You guys know it’s more than the outer appearance that truly matters most, but I do believe it begins to show in the natural when you take care of yourself internally, and I’ve always loved the feeling a workout gave me. Rain or shine.

Sharing the link below for you guys to go and support if you’d like. Feel free to share as well.

Muscle & Fitness

You are allowed to vote once every 24 hours.

God bless you on this beautiful Juneteenth.

Abundance & Light

Mo ♥️

Today is the DAY!!

Today marks the day that my first ebook is live, and released on Amazon. Butterflies, and small waves of nervousness are coming and going, and all I can think is, I finally did it. 

For me, accomplishing this means more than just having a book and being an author, it means that I FINISHED something and followed through.

I didn’t get sidetracked, I didn’t lose focus, and I didn’t make excuses, like I have so often in the past. So many things are shifting in my life for the better, and I honestly feel like doing this is me showing God I trust Him enough to follow through. To do it, even when I am unsure of the outcome.

Today, I encourage you to do something that scares you a little. Something that requires you to step out on faith, and trust the unseen.

This time last year I was without a home, working my way back to lively hood for my two daughters. And I believed God during that process because I knew, it was only a test.

We are living, and then we won’t be one day. What are you going to do with the time God gave you, to impact the lives of those near and far, for the better?

All support and shares are welcome and encouraged! The beginning of my dreams are coming true!

“Aren’t You Tired of Eating That?!” is available now.


Abundance & Light,

Mo ♥️

Written By: … ♥️

You guys!!! Today marks the day that I am officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! Well, technically, it happened at 3:35am this morning. I was living in a homeless shelter with my two daughter at this exact same time, last year. God is amazing.


This is all following a VERY rough and challenging previous week. I won’t get into details, but I will say that I know it was one more tactic of the enemy to stop me from pursuing my calling.

Writing is a form of therapy to me. It has helped me to overcome obstacles I felt were impossible to get through. God has truly shown Himself strong in my weaknesses this week, and I could not write without saying thanks to Him.

This has been a dream of mine since I was in elementary school, and though I still have a children’s book coming out this year that I’ve worked really hard on, I have decided with a nudge from within, to publish a small guide. My daughter’s are always of huge influence to what I write now, as I know they will be able to read it one day, and I pray take it into consideration into the lives they will lead.

It’s short and sweet, and is exactly how I would talk to you if I were in front of you.

I use eating as a way to help you better visualize the importance of what you allow inside you, the dangers and “health” issues that could arise, and how to begin monitoring what you intake so that your journey to loving yourself better and having more freedom will begin seamlessly.

I thank you for all of you who have ever liked a blog post, commented or just read what I had to say. Starting this blog last November was scary, but more exciting than anything, and I know as I continue to step out on faith, God will use me to be a blessing in ways I haven’t even begun to imagine.

Abundance & Light,

Mo ♥️

P.S the link to the ebook is below! All support for pre-orders are welcome, and the release date is June 2! Thank you SO SO much!!! God bless and happy Tuesday!!

Struggle Bus

Kids lined up everyday to ride the bus, not knowing what the day would hold, or where the bus would take them..


“Someone” told them, from “someone” who told them, that if they did certain things, they could go in a nice, big, beautiful limo to their destination.


Instead, everytime one kid tried to do what the other did, they would end up on this bus. And everyone who ended up on this bus, almost always, was ready to get off just as soon as they had boarded.


They never seemed to know where the bus was going, or if it was anywhere that they wanted to get off at.


Most of them would just ride the bus, and go in circles with no intent to buzz the driver at a stop.


Those kids were the sad ones.


But there was this girl. And though she had found herself right along with the others in this bus, she had hopes and dreams too high to stay.


She felt this constant nudge from within that any moment, her stop would come up, and she would know when she saw it.


She kept her faith high.


She talked to the other kids on the bus and told her story of what got her there, never once saying she wished she hadn’t done something. She did not want to live with regret. The things that got her on that bus made her human, and that meant she wasn’t perfect. It also meant, that if she could get off, she could show the others how to keep faith while they were on. Because she’d been there.


Night begin to fall, and she began to grow tired..but she had to stay focused. It seemed she had been riding on it forever, and then, she saw her stop. It was well lit on that street, and seemed to be calling her name to get off.


She had always been inclined to follow the light.


She rang the buzzer and waved to everyone, assuring them that they would be getting off soon, and to keep the faith.


She said goodbye to the driver she had come to know, for the last time.


With eyes ahead, she took off, down the steps, and off the Struggle Bus.


Whoever you are, today, I want you to know that everything will be okay. It may not seem like it when you’re in it. But, the sun will come out. ♥️

Abundance & Light,