Don’t Be Fooled, She’s A Woman

She has loved you past your insecurities.
Loved you with love she thought she had not the strength.

She has always been strong.
Pushing past the norm to create waves in an ocean, when they only saw her as a drip.
Housing life, and having the honor of pushing forth wonder into the world for the first time, with tears and joy, she did it that.

She does not back down.
Though she knows there may be consequences, she does not waiver from her insight, as she knows in her intuition, there is something needed to be heard in what she is saying.

She has no fear.
For how would she have gotten out of bed to live, and live, and love again, past the regrets and pain? She chooses life, time and time again, because she can no longer afford to be afraid of what may come when she does. She embraces it.

She is a leader.
Taking the time to navigate the calling of herself and you, telling you that you can, while reminding herself she can, also. She influences with her walk, and her tone, and her curve and her stare..she has been guiding you all along..

She is uncompromising. Relentless. She is more than a conqueror. She fought the battle with you, several times, and came out on top.

She is poised and elegant. Weird and complicated, but the most simple things, is all she desires, in truth. The rub down of intimacy, honesty, commitment and adventure.

And she breeds light.
In her smile, in her laugh, and in her nature. She is contagious beyond grasp of human thinking, and when you feel her, it sinks down into your bones, as she lays her head down for rest, before awaking with vigor to paint a little more in the world, with her life.

She is a woman.

Respect, protect, and see her for all she is, and more. 

Women hold up half the sky

Mao Zedong

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