The Beautiful Little Uglies

Welcome to what will be one of the most raw and uncut versions of me you have ever received.

I intend to be 100% authentic throughout, giving light, shedding light, and inspiring shine for all listeners who are gracious enough to do so.

This podcast was created with the intent to unmask. To show the “little uglies” in our lives, in our past and in our present, that prohibit growth and greatness, and repurpose them through prospective shifts.

What exactly makes one, “beautiful” and how can we all began to see more of that good thing in our life despite the things that have gone badly?

As a survivor of many little ugly things, and one who has had the privilege and and honor of seeing my messes turned into masterpieces, I can assure you, there is NOTHING, and I do repeat NOTHING in your life love, that can’t be made into something, well, beautiful.

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