Today is the DAY!!

Today marks the day that my first ebook is live, and released on Amazon. Butterflies, and small waves of nervousness are coming and going, and all I can think is, I finally did it. 

For me, accomplishing this means more than just having a book and being an author, it means that I FINISHED something and followed through.

I didn’t get sidetracked, I didn’t lose focus, and I didn’t make excuses, like I have so often in the past. So many things are shifting in my life for the better, and I honestly feel like doing this is me showing God I trust Him enough to follow through. To do it, even when I am unsure of the outcome.

Today, I encourage you to do something that scares you a little. Something that requires you to step out on faith, and trust the unseen.

This time last year I was without a home, working my way back to lively hood for my two daughters. And I believed God during that process because I knew, it was only a test.

We are living, and then we won’t be one day. What are you going to do with the time God gave you, to impact the lives of those near and far, for the better?

All support and shares are welcome and encouraged! The beginning of my dreams are coming true!

“Aren’t You Tired of Eating That?!” is available now.


Abundance & Light,

Mo ♥️

4 thoughts on “Today is the DAY!!

  1. Congratulations. ✨

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  2. Yayyy!! Congratulations Loveee! So Happy for you ❤

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    1. Thank you love!! It is super exciting!!!

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