Struggle Bus

Kids lined up everyday to ride the bus, not knowing what the day would hold, or where the bus would take them..


“Someone” told them, from “someone” who told them, that if they did certain things, they could go in a nice, big, beautiful limo to their destination.


Instead, everytime one kid tried to do what the other did, they would end up on this bus. And everyone who ended up on this bus, almost always, was ready to get off just as soon as they had boarded.


They never seemed to know where the bus was going, or if it was anywhere that they wanted to get off at.


Most of them would just ride the bus, and go in circles with no intent to buzz the driver at a stop.


Those kids were the sad ones.


But there was this girl. And though she had found herself right along with the others in this bus, she had hopes and dreams too high to stay.


She felt this constant nudge from within that any moment, her stop would come up, and she would know when she saw it.


She kept her faith high.


She talked to the other kids on the bus and told her story of what got her there, never once saying she wished she hadn’t done something. She did not want to live with regret. The things that got her on that bus made her human, and that meant she wasn’t perfect. It also meant, that if she could get off, she could show the others how to keep faith while they were on. Because she’d been there.


Night begin to fall, and she began to grow tired..but she had to stay focused. It seemed she had been riding on it forever, and then, she saw her stop. It was well lit on that street, and seemed to be calling her name to get off.


She had always been inclined to follow the light.


She rang the buzzer and waved to everyone, assuring them that they would be getting off soon, and to keep the faith.


She said goodbye to the driver she had come to know, for the last time.


With eyes ahead, she took off, down the steps, and off the Struggle Bus.


Whoever you are, today, I want you to know that everything will be okay. It may not seem like it when you’re in it. But, the sun will come out. ♥️

Abundance & Light,


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