Risky Business

I am a very flawed human being. I realize how much saving I truly need, each and every time I think I’m on the road to staying consistently “good.”

We get saved. But salvation is on going. This has been a rough past few weeks. I have struggled to find motivation for what to write, and how to write it. To stay on track for what needs to be done for my book. Trying to keep a good attitude when the circumstance clearly limited out that I would be justified in my anger, and trying to remind myself that most of what was happening, was meant to help and not harm me.

It comes like that, blessings, growth, the promotion or new opportunity. In discomfort, pain, and chaos.. Crazy right? Like WHO does that?!


But His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts, exactly. NOTHING like ours.

And I’m grateful for that.

His plan is always much better, but it will require us being obedient and following instructions. We can’t justify our bad behavior because things are not going as we hoped. We have to fight a good fight. Doing what for not come natural. And it can be risky.

Some may take your decision to stay calm, as being passive or a door mat. Some may take your choice to keep going as stupidity. But, sometimes God doesn’t just give the faith to go, sometimes we need the grace to stay.

I can attest to both.

Trust in Him, and dont lean to what you think should happen in any given situation in your life. The plan is for you to prosper and be in good health, even as your souls prospers. Plans for you flourish and expand. But, it will take some discomfort. Some not knowing, and what may feel like an unfair pull of what you have left within. I encourage you to take one more step. Speak a little more life. Smile that gorgeous smile, and lift that valuable head once more.

Sometimes, it feels like it is all leading nowhere, and your good intentions and deed are in vain, it’s risky. WHAT IF it all means nothing? …OR it COULD mean everything! No more what ifs. Walk by faith, and not by sight. You are the light walking THROUGH the tunnel. It WILL be okay.

It is NOT the end. You have more to give, more people to inspire, more life to experience, and it will be more than you can imagine or think. However, you will have to stay the course. ♥️


Abundance & Light,


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