The Not So Obvious, Obvious.

They will only be this small, once. Never again. The room, the mess, the stain, the tears, the boo boos, and constant thirst, and then they will be, adults. And you have already molded something in them. Something that will be there, without their knowing at times.

Sometimes, all I can see, as a mother, is the mess that was made. The stain that I’m having a hard time getting up, or the closet door they broke. (or is that just us? 😂) But, it will pass. Those moments they created while getting paint on the carpet, THOSE are the parts I can not get back.

Today, and each day, let that forever print on their hearts be LOVE. You will get over the mess. Their childhood shouldn’t be a blur of mom screaming and yelling about replaceable things. We are teaching with our every move. Stop sweating the small stuff.

Some things remain small, in their actual state, while others will grow and grow without your consent, and those are the ones you will want to take the most notice of.


Love you Mel, and Miya. ♥️

7 thoughts on “The Not So Obvious, Obvious.

  1. This was beautiful and honest. I think we all struggle with seeing the beautiful mess our own kids make. A friend’s child spills a drink and we run to clean it up, let them know it’s no big deal, etc. and then our kids do it and we act like they should know better and why weren’t they sitting still, etc. We are all learning. You are ahead of many who never realize they are seeing the mess more than the beauty in the mess!!

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    1. Thank you so much! So true! Our own are just parts of us, and if we haven’t learned to be patient with ourselves, we can surely start with them! ♥️

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  2. That, my friend, is great advice. They really do grow up and out too soon

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    1. Thank you friend! It’s something I am constantly having to remind myself! Stop, and enjoy!

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  3. Wonderful insights you shared! I love the photo!

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    1. Thank you love! Those are my double doses of sunshine! Melody and Amiya! ♥️

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