I Don’t Believe In Defeat

Have you ever waken up with a swarm of thoughts that made you feel like the day was going to be, just, a disaster? I mean real ugly, for no real reason?

Cool. Me too.

And do you know that as positive as I aim to consistently be, looking at life through eyes of light, this morning, my “thoughtitude” (yes I made that up while doing a self inventory during my morning pee) was in bad shape. Real negative. And I know why.

I had an amazing day, full of wisdom and word and laughter and music and then, just like that, at the end of the night, I had a small disagreement with my mate, that was not fully resolved. I let the sun go down on it.


The bible tells us not to let the sun go down on our anger, specifically because it can open doors for the devil to come in, if not taken care of swiftly. It can allow a snowball effect of negative thinking to occur, and when your thoughts are nasty, your reality will soon follow.

So you stop it. Right then and there, before anything vicious decides it can make a home in you. Well, knowing all of this, from years of trial and error, as I used the bathroom, I began to quietly, but firmly affirm to myself, “I do not believe in defeat. I can do All things through Christ. This day is blessed, and I am blessed in it.”

And more.I said it, and I believed it.


How you go down, is how you will get up, so when going on through your day today, be sure to keep in mind that how you end it matters! Good or bad day, what you choose to think on before you shut your eyes, and what you fill yourself with, is important. You do not have to allow anything to kick your butt, if you don’t want it too.

I may have had those thoughts before getting out of bed, and I know that darkness was rooting for my downfall, but I quickly cast them down, because, I don’t believe in defeat.

And adopting that thoughtitude is what has allowed many victories to be my outcome. ♥️

Repeat after me, (do it NOW) “I do not believe in defeat. I am victorious, and this day is blessed, and I am blessed in it!” Say it until you believe it.

Happy Monday!

SN: My love woke me up with breakfast in bed. Bacon included. So, needless to say, had I continued in my funk, and that manifested into words, I would have been the reason for unnecessary dysfunction today.

Something, I could have made a decision to easily fix. And thankfully, I did.

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe In Defeat

  1. Thankfully not, at least in recent memory. Have a blessed day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s good love! ♥️ & You too!


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