7 Ways To Get More Light In Your Life

1. Admit when you are wrong.

You aren’t going to be an asset in new ventures and friendships and relationships, with an “I’m always right,” mentality. You just won’t. Every area of your life will require you to be able to self reflect, and see where YOU can do better. When you are aware of your own shortcomings, you will rarely be blindsided by someone else’s criticism, and go into situations with a clear mind, and readiness to improve.

2. Stop Interrupting Folks.

How rude right? Some people believe a little interjection means you’re paying attention and have something to add, but really that is your pride talking. We can ALL practice being more humble! Actively listening to someone you’re communicating with, with eye contact, and body language, will almost always secure your spot as the “go to.” You will not only gain that title, but receive the same in return, as people are more inclined to listen to the one who listens much and speaks little.

3. Show Them You Appreciate It.

We can all tell someone thank you, but even that is underused properly, at times. Actions, however, do indeed have a way of saying more than what you were going to attempt to do with your words. Every time. And yes, it works for good and bad. But in this case, a little gift to your amazing coworker for their great energy, or ordering delivery lunch to his job because he wall mounted the TV, or watched the kids while you got your nails done. Little things, that say in a big way, “YOU MATTER,” will register 100% of the time, and will likely interest the ones you gave to, and others to do more in return.

4. Speak Life, To Yourself.

Your voice should be the loudest in your life. Next to God, if you’re like me. I know first hand, that there will be thousands of voices trying to direct in the way that you should go in life, from a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, friends, parents, associates, television, social media, the radio, billboards, YOU NAME IT!! Too much. And yet, sometimes instead of clearing out all the noise, and finding out what we believe of ourselves and where we believe we can go, we wait to be told. And that’s dumb. Basically. In order to see more of your life open up around you, you have to SPEAK it. Write down affirmations of who you are and what you believe of yourself. What you want to accomplish. And don’t just say “I want to…” Say YOU WILL. You will be a homeowner. You will finish college. You will become CEO! There are no visions too big or dreams that are unattainable. And anyone who says you can’t, was probably someone who believed what everyone else said, instead of speaking life, into their own life.

5. Don’t compete.

I’d write into this very long, because women can be the biggest culprits. But you’ve heard it a hundred, thousand, TRILLION times. It’s not healthy to look to your fellow sisterhood, and wonder how to be better than them, look more fierce, get more snatched, or even take their counterparts. Smh. How ignorant can we get? We have something within us as women, that can bring a change to the globe unseen. We are nurturers, naturally able to bring things to life, and bring a love unlike any other when fully tapped in to, but we waste time trying to shade sis’s glow. Let’s stop. I think as women, we are all dope, and when you bring that same energy into each situation you go to, rather work or play, you will see and experience women in a way like never before. Your teammates.

6. Appreciate The Little Joys.

So often, I find myself looking at the bigger picture, that I almost entirely miss out on the little joys. Your kids being goofy, food, heat, air, the way they say your name, and the list GOES. We all have goals we want to reach, and dreams we cant wait to turn into reality, but when we miss out on little joys, we can sometimes lose our grounding, causing us to be less likeable and even approachable. I’m not saying lose focus, but lose the relationship you have with achievements as hierarchy. They will happen. You will make it. But, how much more beautiful it will be when you can add that you took time to be human in the process?

7.Embrace Your Femininity.

Use it for good, and not evil lady. 😂 Show men that we don’t HAVE to be the dominant ones, always in control and unable to submit. We can do it! (For some it’s hard, I know, but you can!) Shave your legs! Being natural doesn’t mean never styling or even brushing your hair! Slick those edges. Wear a dress from time to time. Be poised, and have good manners. Be graceful! Don’t always have to have the last say! Choose your battles Queen! Every little thing doesn’t require a reaction. Lower your voice! Have your mind made up on what you want! Embrace womanhood, and all of the ins and outs, because it is who you are. ♥️

6 thoughts on “7 Ways To Get More Light In Your Life

  1. Different and refreshing and I love it ! Great post 👍🏻

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  2. Good advice…. appreciate it 😃

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  3. This is great post, very thoughtful and thought provoking.


    1. Thank you! Same for me as well! ♥️


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