You Didn’t Wake Up Like That

So often as women we scurry to slay and lose hair trying to show other women we have it all “together.” But we don’t. We want men to think we can do it all, that we are strong, and not weak, that we don’t need them..but we do.

And no, that is not an autocorrect.

Women need men. And men need women.

But that’s not what this is about.

I just wanted to scratch the surface of perfection. The thing so many in this generation solemnly swear they are avoiding trying to be, but take all the steps society tells them to, in order to be “different.” Crazy right? 😔 I can relate. We want to have a fiercely beat face, and then lay in the bed and say good morning to the world around us, but in reality, we didn’t wake up like that. Or at least I didn’t. I woke up with stinky breath, eye boogers and crust, and the urgent need to go pee. Buuuuuuuut, I’m not perfect. I’m human.

Women, how great would it be to not necessarily stop trying with yourself, but to stop trying to fit your square into a circle someone else carved out for you?

You don’t have to have perfect skin.
You don’t have to have perfect hair.
You don’t have to have the perfect body.
You don’t need the perfect outfit on everyday. Or, constantly board the struggle bus trying to take a thousand pictures from the perfect angle, so people comment, “goals 😍.” It is pure insanity!

We are WORKS OF ART! Created by the God of the universe, who spoke the entire world into existence! Surely, you are good enough. Surely, when He had you in mind, before you entered your mother’s womb, you were already enough. You were just the girl He had in mind to accomplish the purpose He put in your heart. STOP COMPETING! There isn’t another human, who can do what YOU can do! ♥️

So, focus on being the best version of yourself, after all, being perfect is boring, and you dear, are far from that.

You are a work of art. Don’t let them own you. You own it.

10 thoughts on “You Didn’t Wake Up Like That

  1. I enjoyed and loved reading this. Am inspired ❤️❤️❤️we are a work of art

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    1. Yes love we are! 🔥♥️ And thank you!

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  2. This is a beautiful message. Much needed for us as well as our youth!

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    1. Yes! Thank you! They are who I’m aiming at the most!♥️

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  3. Yes Queen.. as my skin is tingling from the clay mask I put on this morning trying to reduce the appearance of these fine lines. I NEEDED TO HEAR/READ this.. I’ll leave these bag from my daily 4am pee run for another post 😂😂😂 So glad I found this blog and thanks for the follow.. 😉

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    1. YASSS!!!! Love that LaDessa! So happy to connect with you! 😘♥️


  4. Reblogging this to my sister site Success Inspirers World

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