Impossibly possible

The impossible is God’s reality.
What may seem like a dream or vision “too big” for us, is normal to Him. Dare to trust in His thoughts, before sabotaging yourself with your own.

At times, we may find ourselves discouraged, or count ourselves out of the race, forgetting that the word tells us who the race is given to. Not the swift, or strong, but the one that endures! It is always an open book test loves.

God will never call us to something without making provisions along the way, but we have to be mindful that when we are not in right standing, or we speak doubt, extinguishing our faith, we mess ourselves up, and then have to get it right, and hop back in the running.

Today, praise God that His thoughts are not like ours, and His ways not like our ways, because if they were, we wouldn’t witness miracles, transformations, triumphs, and any other awe inspiring thing that rattles our faith. Know the truth so that you refuse to be bothered by the lies of the enemy. He is FOR US! So, no obstacle, or anything that comes to intimidate our focus, can stand against us.

4 thoughts on “Impossibly possible

  1. Such truth! I will be coming back next week to dive into this blog and read your posts! I like what I see so far but have a full evening ahead! Thanks for writing these and sharing your heart!

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    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot! ♥️ Looking forward to your return!

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  2. Hi Monique. The picture you used in this blog is my own. It is copyrighted. However, you have my permission to use the image if proper attribution is given. A simple caption under the image with link to my work will do:

    If you do not wish to give proper attribution, then I’ll have to ask you to please remove the image entirely.


    1. I’m so sorry I’m late to respond to you! I can totally add a caption and link! Thank you for allowing me to keep it!


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