All we need is something that consumes us so, but in the right way.

We are not just creatures of habit, but creatures of spontaneity who haven’t met their match, waiting to be set ablaze to a place new, and frightening, and worth it.

Habitually living and moving because we conditioned ourselves, but every breath has a yearning for discovery, a notion that greater is to be had, to be found.

And there is.

Greater things come in many forms in our everyday situations, but we find ourselves so distracted on the paths we think will get us to them, that we miss them in their disguise of ordinary life. In a moment. A thought. Listening ear. A dance.

In a sense, we are like wildfires. Setting ablaze trails that we were never meant to be on, ruining life in the process, because we set off in the wrong direction. We make new growth possible for others from our chaos, as they survive and dust the ashes off, and even we, find that the fire can become more than we can bare, and we pray for rain.

We are often searching for what is already within. But we look to the left and right and they tell us happiness is to the left, and to the right, and we find ourselves twisted and turned around, and off path, and it takes God and maybe the help of a inevitably placed brick wall to get our attention. The path we were on was not what we wanted, just what we were told to desire.

But God knows how to take our ashes from the fire we built in our wilderness, to something beautiful. He knows how to take what was broken, a clay vessel, and set His treasure there. He’s good. His love. That is the all consuming fire we long for, and once obtained, puta even things as seemingly insignificant as the ants, into a brighter and bigger perspective.

So don’t you be so concerned about reaching your “happiness.” Your happiness is already in you. Instead, be so consumed with gratefulness, and aware of your everyday blessings that it begins to flow from within into your view. There is nothing wrong with setting goals, and wanting greater, but I believe when we learn to allow the things others deem ordinary, to be extraordinary to us, we will already have more wealth and riches than we thought we were worthy of.

And I suppose, the adventure comes when we realize it can only get better from there.

2 thoughts on “Wildfires

  1. Sometimes as people, we are discontent with our lot, which leads to ingratitude, which also steals our joy. To reverse that, we need to be grateful and content

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    1. So very true! When we find ourselves content, everything received then becomes a blessing, an overflow! Amen!

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