If Money Wasn’t Part of the Equation, What Would You do More of?

I used to write because it came to my heart, and I had to get it out through my pen or pencil, or crayon, or eyeliner. But now, now I write with hopes that it will not only help people, but help me too. Hoping that if I do what I love enough, I can generate income from it and do it as a job.

Honestly though you guys, that’s a mission in vain. So often we get caught up on social media, and algorithms, and likes, and comments and subscriptions these days, that our very art form takes the most significant blow.

Why would we put out content that isn’t us, in hopes that someone will still “like” it? I’ll tell you why, because society and social media celebs tell you that if you get enough love on your stuff, you can live life like them. And people actually strive for that.

But, here, right at this moment, I realized that this year, I want to do the things that I love, because I would feel empty and non-existent without them. I want to sing because it almost always makes any situation better, if I do it long enough. It has a way of making feel like I’ve escaped something through melody. And I do. I don’t wan to sing, and then maybe if I put a video out there it will blow up. That’s not natural.

And the list goes…fitness, reading, mommying, even something as simple as laughter can become a job for some. Making people laugh with the intent to get paid. But what about when there was no payout, and you did it because their laughter validated your purpose. Your soul tingle.

I’m not trying to impose my views on anyone. I just had a moment of enlightenment, that we just truly need to live, connected. We like, comment, subscribe, repeat daily, with no real drive, or some do it only in hopes someone will do it back. But what if we were present? What if we read something all the way through because we wanted to?

What if we danced in our living rooms more instead of checking our phones, and looked at nature with eyes of wonder instead of complaining that it rained again? Traveled, painted, or walked around freely, with no eggshells present?

We could. I can. And I will. And I’ll keep you guys posted on how it works out for me. I don’t want to spend life in a bubble, hoping others validate me, when I’ve been approved and deemed worth it enough from my heavenly Father.

I’m going to choose to live. Disconnecting from the bad, and connected to what allows me a feeling indescribable.

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