To Dream, Or Not To Dream

Watching your speech as if I was there, I couldn’t help but hold back tears of gratitude, knowing your dream inspired others to do the same.

And now, I tell my daughters to dream.

I enthusiastically make them aware that they can go anywhere, and that they can become anything, that their passions and desires create for them to hope for.

And now, sitting as a Millennial in the world as I know it, in 2018, more and more people are afraid to dream, while on the opposite of the spectrum, people are dreaming bigger now, more than ever.

Doing things that some wouldn’t dare think up in their minds. Hiding behind time, as if the world still shows up on their plasma TV screens as black and white.

But without our past, where lies our future? We have to go back, and understand that as wild as our dreams get now, and the fact that we are no longer afraid to sing our dreams out loud, it wouldn’t have been possible without the obedience of one, to follow his convictions, and express his dream.

His undeniable hope, and zealous march toward something we ALL could benefit from, is the kind of dream God will back up. That was His will for Martin. And like Dr. King, we too have a call and purpose, a dream God won’t let us get away from, that points us in the direction we need, to go to live a life that not only we, but others benefit from.

If your dream benefits no one but it a dream, or a fantasy? I believe God gave dreams to us so that we could use our living, breathing bodies, to move toward something bigger than us. That would give us drive and the selfless ambition to keep going, even when we feel we can no longer go on.

And that is the kind of dream we all should have. A dream that drives us to reach others.

Don’t be be afraid of the magnitude of your dream. If it was given to you, and the lives of others are positively impacted by it, you can almost rest assured, it is your calling. Walk in it, out loud.

God will never call us to do something, without making provisions through it.

Martin heard the call, and answered. He had a dream, and dared to say it out loud and spend his energy making it come to life. And if you get nothing from this day today, get this:

To dream is to live. We have no reason to thrive, without a dream that is alive.

Your dreams are valid, and even more possible than before, thanks to the healing, outspoken words, of a Dr.

Thank you.

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