Imagine Your Reality Was Better Than You Thought. 🔥

“Imagine…then Boom!”
A phrase trending on social media right now.

I’ve seen some really funny ones, and ones that made no real sense at all. But running into them frequently, I started to wonder if these same people have ever really taken the time to imagine. To use their minds to see the world in light, and wonder.

Wonder. A song by Hillsong my girls and I adopted while at the homeless shelter last year, I have not only imagined that, but I watched it become my reality. My world started to become brighter, to push me into a consistent state of awe and how my thoughts, words, and belief of the two changed my circumstances.

Sometimes we just accept what is happening in our life for face value, without truly taking the time to think outside of ourselves and see how God may be trying to help us. And He is always aiming to help us, but we have to receive it, in order to receive the benefits.

If you are going to choose to imagine things, why not start with things that you truly want to see manifest in your life. Re-read it, and say it out loud, with belief that it can become your truth.

Like for example…😏

Imagine you are working hard at becoming a published author, and then BOOM! You walk past your local Barnes & Noble and see your debut book on the shelf.


Imagine that you are laying your prideful ways aside and trying out love the way it is written in the Bible..and then BOOM! Your relationship vegans to change, and your friendships, and you began to see life through a different lens that effects every person you come in contact with?


Just a few ideas for you. 😊

Remember how important it is to be conscious of what we allow on our brains each day. Choose to take those negative thoughts captive, cast them down, and begin thinking on things that are good, and lovely. Imagine what will happen next.

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