Honey, You Are Too.

I used to beat myself up all the time. I used abusive thoughts to push my life toward an end that I felt was, inevitable. I truly felt like I couldn’t get ANYTHING right. That my entire existence was in vain. But one day God shined a light so bright that I could no longer allow myself to sit in the dark. I was special enough to DIE FOR. And that, the very heartbeat I was so ready to end, was a reminder that my life had a PURPOSE. I was worth it.

So often I had looked at other women and compared myself, never ever feeling enough next to them in my mind. But that friends, is truly where it all needs to begin. Once I allowed new thoughts in, it sunk into my heart, and not only did it become confession from my mouth, but manifestation in my life. “I am worth it, and I am awesome.”

We as women sometimes find ourselves in a frenzy of sending praise all over the globe. This woman is awesome, that woman is gifted, and her, oh my goodness, SHE is just SO SO…TALENTED! And we adore them from a distance, taking note of their story and triumphs and successes, all the while, forgetting our OWN.

From giving birth all natural, to loving someone back to life, women have stories of beauty no one will know until YOU first understand it is worthy of your own enthusiasm. You did, what someone in the same predicament might not have been able to do, and that deserves a pat on the back, goo goo eyes, and memory screenshots for YOU.

Why is it that we rarely have an issue giving praise where it is due, except for when it comes to ourselves? Don’t cheat your worth. KNOW IT, AND OWN IT. Having a positive self image can be as easy as remembering you, are awesome too.

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