Who’s Voice, If I May Ask, Is The Loudest?

All too often we find ourselves moving up or down, going left or right, or stuck between moving full speed ahead, or staying put. We ask others, should we stay or should we go, is this good or bad, and what do I do if…?

We pride ourselves on being teachable and not withering from the necessary make-up of a healthy, functioning, communication system with the loved ones around us. But, with so many voices, who’s voice is the loudest love?

The aunt that has seen it all, and the best friend who just wants what’s best for you? Your mother who repeats herself three more times before you get your thought out, or the corner store owner who gives a tip after you tip?

Voices on Facebook, thoughts from Twitter, and visuals from an Instagram account that sends you in to overdrive, in your mental. What is beautiful? What is trending? Who are the best if the best, and why? What color is her hair, how long is it, is it even real?

So many thoughts, ideas and suggestions, hurled into our faces each day, at alarming speeds, with little to no realization how many, until you wake up in the middle if the night craving Taco Bell, or feeling like you need new boots, again.

We say we are woke, that we understand our fabric, what makes us, us…but what makes you, you, has nothing to do with what they say, and everything to do with what YOU say. People will tell you who you are until they are blue, paint a vivid picture of the human they see before them from their own eyes, but if you are unable to block then out, and hear your own voice, recognize your own soul’s sound, then you will wind up like the mass. Pleasing the appetite of the ones who validate their conforming ways and say they “like” you, when really they like they could relate.

Live your truth. It is freeing. Listen to your inner voice. For me, I have to quiet other voices all the time, including my own, and hear what God is saying, which will always Trump the others.

Whatever you do, do it because it was you, honest, and authentic, and not what someone else said with lips that are no longer their own.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Voice, If I May Ask, Is The Loudest?

  1. YES to be followed or follow is the question.. I love this..

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