Someone, Somewhere, Thinks.. *round of applause*

Sitting and thinking about how far I’ve come since the beginning of this year. Mind has been all over, here, and there, and up, and around…but here I sit, in my right frame of mind, and I have no idea who is thinking about me, or a care, for that matter. But, how often doContinue reading “Someone, Somewhere, Thinks.. *round of applause*”

What Would You Then do, If Your Words Had No Power?

Be patient. Say the ones who want to quickly make their words matter. Live. Say the ones who are dying to know what freedom tastes like..looks like..feels like. Believe in yourself. Said the ones who doubted that very thought more often than not. There is no perfection. No one has all the answers. No oneContinue reading “What Would You Then do, If Your Words Had No Power?”

“You Are NOT ENOUGH!” said everyone all-over.

“You’re TOO BLACK!” Or, “Why are you so tall? Or, “You’re so skinny girl.” Comments that would make me question my identity, beauty, and worth. But.. only briefly. Some people are told they are “too” at a young age, shaping the way they see themselves before they really start out.   Is what I sometimes wantedContinue reading ““You Are NOT ENOUGH!” said everyone all-over.”