New School, Old Teacher

We are young and we have something to say, young enough to have the tenacity to put it in your face. We will rip you a new one with little to no effort, r.i.p, you a new one, shut up another doubter, twist and shout, we don’t just talk, we be about it, been about it. Even in the face of the ones who bet against us, we didn’t falter, we won’t either, we did it all with no filter, we take pride in not having to mask it all, we want masks to fall, and some of us have not mastered this, I speak for many, but not all, so many aimed towards bail and pick me up at 2, and have my McDonald’s waiting, and can you take me to my girls crib, mom? Nah, we ain’t all there yet. Asking if it’s coming soon though, forfeiting that green for some new blow, that’s a new low. And the excuse is we are young. We are young, that’s what the certificate say, I could’ve sworn that’s what our certificate say, but so quickly we want to have things already in play, experience, some of us have plenty, or so we would proclaim, but they reject us, turn us around, and send us packing the other way. You are young, that’s what your certificate say, and we can’t have you messing up all our years for your different ways, trying to come in here and have us thinking woke with new plans, but that wasn’t part of the blueprint, and you lost if you think we following who you sent. Age isn’t something that has ever stopped us, and yet some think it stops us, now, taking knees, and hash tagging is the new way to sit in the front with no desire to get up, taking stands, by kneeling down, only difference is the time period. We still representing, period. How quick are y’all to say we want it all our way, that we beat, and we slay, and snap, and we dab, and we trip and nae nae, so how can we think against what y’all say, if our minds are occupied with what day it is, wcw, no time to strategize, we just the new prey. But you’re wrong, we do both, some of us just think ahead, and you try to hit us with an smh, when some of y’all was still bowing down to the system at our age, inward rage, never taking you out your mental cage, but God forbid we want something above the minimum wage. I will say this though, not fast but real slow, we have women giving up themselves for a Gucci bag, so bougie swag, cut me out and give me silicone, I want his new son, and his dad, yes, we have boys who think it’s cool to miss their kids first day on earth, but will be damned if he not in line for the new Jordan’s rebirth. Oh, we have it so messed up, no reason to try and front, what’s love and what’s marriage, and what’s wrong with a little thing on the side? Minds in turmoil, bad soil, no growth taking place, and no sun, and no water oh, but high hopes for first place, yes, you woke, and that’s God, but don’t belittle father time, cause some of y’all will regret the day he falls asleep on your behind. Respect the ones who came before, they have plenty ways we can’t ignore, wise to adore, true love that birthed your very life, and what about the ones who fought so you could hold the hand of your new wife. We need their guidance, their support, for at times we know not what we do, and I promise if we work together, the ones that come after us will want our help too. 



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