Cook Your Ribs Thoroughly, Then Feed The Right Adam

Adam had a rib taken and God used what was broken to create someone Adam would have as a partner for life. But, sometimes, women who are broken will change the process around and go looking for an Adam to fill their void. Ladies: You need to START the dating process WHOLE in 2018. However long it takes. Then when God allows an Adam to come your way, even IF he is not all together, YOU will have what it takes to MAKE him better. 💕 Don’t take more from him. Give him what he needs and some. He will recognize HIS rib, and it will fall into place.

All too often, we as women get ahead of ourselves, and we analyze a situation before it plays out, and then when things don’t go our way, we find ourselves battling our emotions, hoping to still appear grateful, when in reality, we want to scream. Or has that only happened to me? 😔 Lol We really have to get ahold of the good and leave the rest to die. When our mindsets are where they should be, we have the power to positively effect anything around us. But it starts with us. So often, we want to change him, but when we choose to focus on the great that lives within our inner beings, and feed that greatness with spiritual food, physical fitness, and intellectual goodies, we find ourselves becoming a change we want to see, and that in turn, is more contagious than you realize.

Our superpower is patience. 

When we can trust God, and trust the process, all while doing our part, even when things seem disheartening, believe. Keep your faith high, your patience thick, and your anger slow. More often than not, when we find something that irritates us about another individual, it is really an indication that there is something within us that needs work as well. So do it. Do the work. Start now.

Focus on being the best you, and allow God to take you both where He wants to, which if you don’t know, can only be somewhere amazing. Enjoy doing life, and don’t be so hard on your partner if things aren’t perfect. He is doing a work in the both of you that will effect the other, if you let it.

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