It Takes Energy To Make That Ugly Face You Make

You have to literally use muscles to create a frown. Like, it takes a slight workout, to actually activate the ugliest face we can make. A frown…

Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and try to frown. Just frown. Do it. NOW, do you see what that took?! Ridiculousnesssss.

43 muscles in your face to create about 10,000 expressions. 10,000. Why does one need to make so many faces? How do you know when you’re making what face. Have you sat down to try and make all of them? Probably not. How beautiful it is to know God doesn’t like conforming. He likes individuality. And, I suppose that’s one of the best things we’ve given, but don’t utilize the way we think we do. We do as we think we ought, yet many of us don’t realize that those thoughts weren’t original, but based off of something we’ve already seen, or heard. It’s possible you may have even taken someone else’s idea, and tweaked it to make it different, but it was never you. If God made us to be 100 percent original, unique and divine in our own design, complete with minds of our own, and thoughts to boot, then why is it that we don’t take them and use them? Really meditate on who YOU are, and what YOUR thoughts are on something.

Creativity. Where is yours? Have you ever really tapped into it and seen the fruits of what could be one of the greatest ideas added to your generation thus far? You could change a life. A world. Quite possibly, you could affect the very ones who are directly around you day to day. Because you thought your own thoughts. No wavering. (Thoughts need to be, and should be positive, edifying, useful thoughts. If you are thinking destruction, see bible/counseling/family/friends/Jesus/Dairy Queen.)

I suppose many of us want to be who we really are, in hopes that the world around us will graciously let us in. Access pass us into being apart of the accepted. But who said the world around us was the standard? Who said that anyone else has the final say so, but ourselves. Yes, they may determine vital parts to your success, but who determines how far you will go, but you? How wonderful it is to know that you were created to stand out like a sore thumb. To be an anomaly. Because fitting in means conforming, and to conform into a size 7 shoe, when you wear a 10 means being uncomfortable. It means the inability to move forward comfortably, with ease and elegance, and confidence. It possibly means being in a color or style you’d never choose. WHY would do such a thing to yourself? Why would you want to be in anyone else’s shoes but your own. Your own style, something you chose and were satisfied with. Let’s be us. I have decided I want to be me. To have my own thoughts. To use those thoughts for what God intended, and positively affect the world around me. I encourage, you do the same. Failure, is when you fall down, and stay down. That, should never be an option.

As for those 10,000 expressions, sometimes, the most effective and easily maneuvered thing you can do with your face, is put a smile on.

“I’ve never seen a smiling face that wasn’t beautiful.” -unknown

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