Your ‘Ship Is Sinking. Let It.

Have you ever wished you were dead?


Wished the earth would stop spinning, in hopes that you would fall off, and stop feeling all the pain and disappointment?


Have you ever felt the vicious sting of heartbreak, piercing you down to purest parts of you and spreading a vile taste you can’t escape, but feel an unbelievable amount of stupidity because you would welcome the that sting again, if it meant to have them back?


Have you ever felt like you were losing yourself? Fooling Yourself?


Have you ever had your time wasted? Or wasted someone else’s time, thinking that their face will fill the space you have in your heart for intimacy, for love? That the void they are filling may make you whole, if you wait long enough?


Have you ever felt ugly? But only after someone else pointed out their dislike for your features? Because before that…you thought you were beautiful..


Have you ever…


Because I have.


We could write a list a mile long on our past inner demons, emotional issues, and failures in love. But, what would that do for me. For you?


Too often, we discuss over all of our platforms what someone else can relate to, without adding a tidbit that will challenge them, make them view it differently, or help them overcome it.


But do we only want “yes men/women” in our lives? I don’t. Understanding me, having sympathetic eyes toward me, without feeding me a spoon of thought that may keep me from making the same mistake won’t help me.


Next year, let’s be mindful of all relationships that agree with a part of us we want to leave behind. Sailing towards freedom in every area will require a great team, and sturdy “ships.”
Elevate and alleviate yourself. 😘

3 thoughts on “Your ‘Ship Is Sinking. Let It.

  1. Very Nicely Written
    Do visit my blog and follow it if u can relate !!

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  2. Awesome! Stay real! I love it!

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