Someone, Somewhere, Thinks.. *round of applause*

Sitting and thinking about how far I’ve come since the beginning of this year. Mind has been all over, here, and there, and up, and around…but here I sit, in my right frame of mind, and I have no idea who is thinking about me, or a care, for that matter.

But, how often do we stop a good thing because of what someone else said? If you’re me, hopefully not often, but realistically, it can effect you, if you let it.

In my bedroom, girls still awake, and I was thinking of what to write next. How will my writing be perceived, blah blah blah. And then it hit me, that being me is what matters. Someone, somewhere, may find me this way or that, but what voice is the loudest in my life? For me, it is God, but I have to be honest and say that sometimes, His still, small voice is drowned out by my thoughts and the thoughts of others. People are ALWAYS going to have thoughts on what we do, *applause* but what should matter is the convictions we hold, and the motives we have when creating. Let us be the light in a dark world. Let’s be who we were created to be, without fear, or too much regard for the thoughts of others. Don’t knock me until you’ve spoken with me. You might like me.


*cues in the young woman in all black*


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