What Would You Then do, If Your Words Had No Power?

Be patient.
Say the ones who want to quickly make their words matter.

Say the ones who are dying to know what freedom tastes like..looks like..feels like.

Believe in yourself.
Said the ones who doubted that very thought more often than not.

There is no perfection. No one has all the answers. No one does it, “the best.”

We have to give ourselves a break sometimes to truly learn patience, experience living, and overcome enough to believe in ourselves.

Some just speak/write what sounds good…but how much more freeing is it to be what you say. It is not just saying then, but truly sharing what you already have.

Something we all can do, if we look.

Use what is in your hand. Rather it is brokenness, triumph, new life, or near death, do not say what you think someone wants to hear. Speak your truth, what someone, somewhere, NEEDS to hear. 💕

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