“You Are NOT ENOUGH!” said everyone all-over.

“You’re TOO BLACK!” Or, “Why are you so tall? Or, “You’re so skinny girl.” Comments that would make me question my identity, beauty, and worth. But.. only briefly. Some people are told they are “too” at a young age, shaping the way they see themselves before they really start out.



Is what I sometimes wanted to say…but I was taught better. Thankfully, and because I am not naturally a confrontational female. So..


 If I am “too,” then what exactly is enough?


Questions I had to ask myself. Enough. What is enough? Personally, finding my worth in Christ, and knowing His life was sacrificed because I am worth it, kindaaaa makes me feel, special. Okay, REALLY special. And I would have no choice, after gaining that valuable information, but to harshly tell all insecure and downing thoughts to kick rocks.



But then what about the people?


I had found confidence, and felt I could hold my own, no matter what someone else’s idea of what I should be was. Also, thanks to a constant reassurance at home as a child, that I was a valuable asset to humanity, (way to go mom and dad 🎉) I honestly didn’t have a hard time not taking it to heart. I had too much ammo on my side now to be taken out by their one bullet. Nice attempts though. Some relentless. But, with enough time and attention to it, you can turn what was meant to destroy you, into a work of art in your life. 




I recently read about a woman who has decided to stand against being, “too dark,” and I find it wonderful. She is reassuring other beauties born with a darker complexion, that it is okay. Someone with similar attributes can now knock one focal point off of their list, simply because someone else embraced theirs.


Then there is fat shaming. And I could write pages on this, though I’ve never been categorized as fat in my life. I see it, I’ve seen the vicious situations it creates. And I hate that. Am I the only one who has ever thought, who created beautiful?


Definitions say beauty is what is aesthetically pleasing to the senses. Something socially constructed, and accepted. (Basically)



The Bible tells us that God created everything, and it was good. Including us. So if we are good to go from our first breath, who gets to decide we aren’t enough of something?


We do.


We are the ones who hold on to the words of others because we don’t take time to see ourselves. To get to know what makes us unique. Since everyone has been given the power to define beautiful in their own terms, than the solution would be to stop looking at someone else’s formula for it, and create your own! Can I just add, you are MORE than enough. 💕


And, well, what better way than to START WITH YOU? You are unique, a masterpiece, one of a kind, fearfully and wonderfully made. Bring your own wonder to beauty by bringing yourself. Something no one else has. You see, beauty could begin to be categorized, once enough people who were ready to confirm instead of standout, got on board. Skinny is in, than I want to be skinny. Tall is in, short is in, etc, etc. One opinion, with enough cosigners, becomes a staple in our world


Great thing about staples? You can undo them with enough strength.



So, by being you, you’ve created a new idea, into the minds of those who are “in.” All of us have more in common than not. By loving who we are in our own skin, we give power to those who are still in the dark about theirs.



And maybe, if enough people were excited to be their true, authentic selves, no matter what that looks like, beautiful wouldn’t be such a desired description, but wonderful. Because wouldn’t you rather capture people with your wonder. Something that is truly undeniable, and indescribable. Not based on hair color, texture, length, skin color, height, or weight, but heart. Your heart, reflected in your decision to embrace who you are, is wonderful.

But if it sounds better to you, hear it from me love, you are beautiful.

4 thoughts on ““You Are NOT ENOUGH!” said everyone all-over.

  1. Yes, personally I was taught to embrace myself completely by my parents (grateful to them), so today I am at a point where I love each and every flaw I have, it gets to the point where people are like you are too much of yourself, but I don’t mind, being yourself is the new strong. I am all for people learning to embrace themselves the way they are, which I feel is beautiful ❤️

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    1. Soooo true! We were all created beautiful! People only start to believe something is wrong with them when they compare themselves to someone else. 💕

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  2. Your words were so true.
    My thinking is really beauty is in our own eyes. What we think beautiful is we see beautiful. And I always prefer to live in a manner ” Be Myself “. Many times people don’t like the same things or ideas or approach of mine but I never thought that everyone is against me so did I make a wrong choice. Do what you want. And Never Regret anything is best way to live a healthy and a happy life.

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    1. Very well said! I couldn’t agree more! 😘

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