“We Just Wearing Designer Fig Leaves..”


“You don’t need bells or whistles, or flashing lights. Just your testimony.” Words heard clear as day from God a minute ago.

When you’re putting the girls to bed, in their own room, and tears flow because you flashback to a time when you were all in the same bed. Just 6 months ago. Homeless. But, together. 

He deserves ALL the glory.

Sometimes, I feel myself “trying.” And when I say trying I mean, doing what I think is necessary to get my message out there. To change lives, and help people, and do what I know I was created to do. But often times, when we are in the pursuit of pleasing God, our flesh can get in the way, and block His original vision, with the one created by a few accolades and a witty idea. When you feel like you’re letting Him down, you will hear lies of defeat, but it is to stop you completely. And we can’t have that.

 I’m human.

I make mistakes, and I learn from them, with the hopes that there won’t be a next time…but how many can raise a hand and honestly say…you did it again? Unfortunately, I think many of us can. It doesn’t mean the end though. It is merely a delay, in what could have been a shorter trip.

What comes to my mind when I think of the word “success” is money, cars, clothes, jewelry and extravagant trips to other countries with no worries. I think of followers and views and recognition from human beings just like you, with no actual authority to make or break you, unless given. But THAT is the world’s view on success. Any many f the people have the stats, don’t have a clue what to do with it.



When I search my heart, success to me is a whole family. A house who serves the Lord, wholeheartedly, seeking His will daily, and living content, with a confident expectation. It is looking myself in the mirror and seeing a whole woman. Heart full, clean, and spirit renewed. Soul mended and mind regulated. I think of financial freedom, so that I can help someone without ever having to care if it comes back, or giving to whatever cause I see, with no limits. It is hearts, minds, and souls delivered by the words of my lips, quoted straight from the mouth of God. Humbled and ready to be used. Success to me is living in joy, and being able to enjoy my life in freedom while doing what I was created to do, with no boundaries.

We all fall short, but is it best to fall short and get back up, or fall hard and lose the strength it takes to recover because of pride?

For my success, I have to be honest. I have to be diligent. I have to be willing to not fit in, and not chase the glitter and glam. What good is any of that, with no true worth on the inside? I know, from experience, that losing everything will make you understand how important your inner diamonds are. That your rubies and gems are within, and can be used to give to others who are without, when it matters most. You may not always understand why you think so deep, feel so much, and reach out with no return, until it will be all you have, and it will then be worth more than you knew, when it felt like chaos.

Live a life that speaks of your identity. That is true to you. Not what you hope to be, or who you think they want. Believe me, in the end, there will be someone who has some of the same qualities you did, that He will use to get the message across, but THAT person was willing to lay down their “likes” for the message. You will see it, and it will all click, but you will have missed that opportunity. You may have another, and when you do, take hold of it, and don’t let go. YOU were the one ade for it. Own that.


4 thoughts on ““We Just Wearing Designer Fig Leaves..”

  1. The title most definitely drew my attention. Your content is a needed message that is straight from the heart.

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that! God bless you Pastor. 😁

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  2. You made me smile. You are speaking to my heart. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Tina. Happy to do so! God bless! 😘


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