They Have Never Seen A Shine Like Yours

It’s Time To Become UNDIMMABLE.

As a woman, and a mother, I have had my share of “oops” moments when it comes to mindset, fitness & nutrition, and gaining insight on why I’m even here on earth, and what to do next.

It happens. But staying stuck is a CHOICE. One, I hope you’re done choosing. Discover how to unlock the greatest version of you yet, become your own #bodygoals, and begin checking off goals and walking in your unique purpose.

You are not supposed to fit in sis. You have your own unique, beautiful and divine way of approaching your life. Which is what makes you DOPE.

Your light is already wired in you. You don’t have to create it, or purchase it, or hope someone gives you some of theirs.

All you have to do, is acknowledge that you are unique, special, set apart, fearfully and wonderfully made, and then look UP to find out what’s down on the inside of you.
Then, turn it ON. Your mind, health, and atmosphere will be grateful.

Be Enlightened, Inspired, Encouraged & EmPOWERed!

Here at Herlightstaylit, it’s no secret that the light is of focus. The light allows you to see the truth in your life, in yourself, and in others, so that you can live BETTER. It is your knowledge, your growth, your unique journey that only you can use in such a way that allows others to want to come out of their darkness. It allows you to BECOME the light in your tunnels. It increases your quality of life, and the lives of those around you.
And, that’s all I’m here to help you do.

Find YOUR light.
Because after that, your POWER is activated.

You Aren’t JUST A Mother.

Helping women and mothers turn their light on, and keep it lit, is the aim here. Moms already have so much to deal with, but we don’t have to deal with it alone, and we don’t have to suffer internally in the process. We are SO much MORE than just a mama, and learning all we have to offer helps us when to be aware of when we need to take a hat off. It’s a lot to conquer, but you CAN. You can have a positive perspective, healthy body, and clear direction, while being a dope mama.

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